NFR Carries Out Eviction Drive


The North East Frontier Railway has carried out an eviction drive on Monday from Guwahati Railway Station to Bharalumukh and evicted many people who were residing near the railway lines.

Public Relation Officer (PRO) of NF Railway, Nripen Bhattacharyya said that the eviction drive has been carried out from Guwahati Railway Station to Bharalumukh and the people who have illegally encroached the railway land have been evicted.

Bhattacharyya said that, the people from across the state and outside entered the city and encroached the railway lands. “We carried out the eviction drive every month and evicts the people. For some days they go to other places but after some days they again come back in their original place. These people are engaged in some illegal work and some even run their own business by occupying the railway land,” said Bhattacharyya.

The PRO further informed that all these people built huts near the railway lines and in Lakhtokia area, the vegetable and fruit vendors have started vending zones near the railway lines. “We are trying to build concrete fencing near the railway lines as these have been a long pending problem. We also seek state government’s help to take measures to make the railway lands free from encroachment,” said Bhattacharyya.

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