NFR introduces Intercity connecting Tezpur-Dibrugarh

In an attempt to make communications better between the north bank and south bank of Assam and reduce travel duration, the Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) is introducing a train service connecting, two important cities of the state, Tezpur and Dibrugarh.

The Dekargaon-Dibrugarh Intercity Special Train, which is expected to fulfil a long cherished need, is scheduled to pass through the Bogibeel Bridge.

The intercity is set to commence service from August 19 on an experimental basis for a period of six months.

The train is slated to run for five days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The intercity service will leave Dekargaon station at 6:20 AM and reach Dibrugarh at 1:50 PM. Likewise, the train will leave Dibrugarh at 3 PM and reach Dekargaon at 10:40 PM.

It comprises of 11 coaches- General Second Class (4 coaches), Second Class Day Coach with sitting accommodation (5 coaches) and SLR (2 coaches).

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