NFR Resumes Assam-Mizoram Train Services

Rail operations between Assam and Mizoram have resumed as the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has resumed the services between Silchar and Bhairabi last week.

The resumption of passenger train services between Silchar and Bhairabi will greatly benefit the economy of the region as traders can now transport items of daily consumption to and fro from the states.

Moreover, communication problems for the people of Mizoram with nearby regions have also been removed.

Schedules –

Services of Train No. 05567/05568 Silchar – Bhairabi – Silchar passenger train have been resumed as bi-weekly service – every Tuesday and Friday at 4.55 PM from Silchar to Bhairabi. From Bhairabi to Silchar – every Wednesday and Saturday at 5.30 AM.

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