No challenge to BJP in coming elections: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he sees no challenge to the BJP in the next general elections and described unity efforts among opposition parties as a proof of his government’s popularity and his party’s big success.

Addressing the valedictory session of BJP’s national executive meeting in New Delhi on Sunday, PM Modi said that for the BJP, power is not an instrument of sitting on the chair but to work for the welfare of the people.

“There should be opposition in democracy but those who were a failure in the government is also a failure in the opposition”, PM Modi said accusing the Congress party of having failed to raise the issues of public concern. Following this, he urged party workers to highlight the achievement of the NDA Government.

“Due to the government’s schemes, five crore people have been lifted out of the poverty”, he added. Modi also asked the party workers to strengthen the party base at each polling booth.

He also stressed on the need for development with a human face adding that his government does not look at the caste, creed or religion of people when it comes to work for their welfare.

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