No control on cattle syndicate by Govt

Triggering sensation, Teok police had seized 9 cattle smuggling vehicles near the daily market at the region on Sunday.

As per reports, the smugglers carried the cows from the Rajmai region in Sivsagar to Morigaon and it suspiciously all the cows were in injured condition.

It has been alleged that although the police check post tried to leave the cow smuggling vehicles in the exchange of Rs 350 each, because of the internment of the local organizations, they had to keep the vehicles in the police station campus along with the cows and the smugglers.

Moreover, on Sunday one more cattle smuggler had arrested in Chandrapur region along with 5 cows when they were trying to carry the cattle. The locals of the region nabbed one of the cattle smugglers but rest of others had run away from the scene.

Reportedly, the smugglers were unable to give any satisfactory answer to the locals regarding this matter and so the locals nabbed them. Interestingly, one of the smugglers fled away from the scene by jumping down into Brahmaputra River.

Later the locals had handed over the cattle along with the smuggler to Pragjyotish police and police have already started a continuous investigation for more details.

At the same time, cow thieve incidents have been growing up in Karimganj also. Reportedly on Sunday night, 5 numbers of thieves carried 12 cows from various regions of the district by a vehicle.

Karimganj police could nab two of the smugglers among the 5, along with the cows and the vehicle during the patrolling duty. The smugglers have been identified as Fakar Uddin and Abdul Basid. The miscreants used to thief the cattle from the households, taking the chance of darkness.

Along with these cow smuggling incidents, Gobardhana police nabbed 5 numbers of cow smugglers along with a cow laden truck (UP 50 CT 2286) belongs to Uttar Pradesh on Sunday night at Simolaguri in Baksha. They have been running the cow smuggling business across the state from Sivsagar.

Reportedly, the accused have been identified as Sabri Alam, Khusrabbe Ansari, Irsar Ansari, Apsar Kurechi and Lal Mohammad. Police seized 20 cattle from the smugglers and now the accused have been under the police custody.

In Dhubri also, cattle syndicates have been going on in full swing. On Sunday night Tamarhat police seized 39 cattle in the region when it was going towards Dhubri from West Bengal. But now the question rises among the locals of the region that, police use to seize the cows in the charge of illegal smuggling but after sometimes police use to leave them identifying them as legal.

Moreover, police have not nabbed anyone of the smugglers yet, who were carrying the cows.

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