No GMC after July 31, Government fears new poll


There will be no Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) from July 31, as the present body will expire its five year term and the Government has not taken any steps to hold the next municipality election.

This will also be the fate of various Municipalities and town committees of Assam.

As of now, the GMC will be run by an administrator till the next election is organized. Fearing public wrath in the urban areas of Assam, BJP is all set to delay the election as far as possible. The BJP is sure to have very heavy time in Guwahati if the elections are to be held today.

Incidentally, Guwahati has been their citadel for years and despite strong Congress Government, the BJP almost won half of the GMC Councilors.

Later BJP came to power through backdoor as many of the independent and Congress councilors broke away to BJP.

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