No Kheer In Mannat Until Aryan Khan’s Bail: Gauri Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Kapoor Khan has issued a diktat to her staff that no sweets will be cooked in the kitchen until Aryan Khan comes out of the jail, informed an insider.

The insider also revealed that the mood at Mannat has been gloomy and somber and the family is in no mood to celebrate.

Earlier media sources also revealed how Gauri had kept fasts and a special mannat for her son during Navratri.

In a recent incident inside Khan’s residence, Gauri Khan found that the staff was cooking kheer on one of the lunch menus. Gauri immediately put a stop to it and instructed the staff that there will be no sweets cooked in the Mannat kitchen until her son Aryan is out, revealed the insider.

The insider added, “Like any mother, Gauri too is extremely disturbed and upset with Aryan’s arrest. From her end, she’s doing all that she can, getting help from her friends and well-wishers. In all the calls made to her, her message has been the same — ‘Please pray for my son’. Even though she’s not highly religious, Gauri has taken to praying day-in and day-out to seek help from the divine for Aryan’s release.”

Sources also revealed that King Khan has been requesting friends and family to avoid making trips to Mannat to avoid unnecessary attention and create chaos.

The insider added, “SRK is on the phone with all his co-stars and industry friends, and has been a solid pillar of strength for his entire family. He firmly believes in letting the law take its course and in all his conversations, he has maintained that he will cooperate in whatever way is required in Aryan’s hearing and inquiry. ‘This too shall pass’ is a line he’s often heard saying to his friends.”

The hearing of Aryan Khan’s bail is scheduled up for October 20 and the family is hopeful that there is a respite for their son and he might be out of custody before Diwali.

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