No One Should Comment On My Attire: Nusrat


Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan has been issued a ‘Fatwa’ (diktat) for wearing mangalsutra and vermillion after getting married to a businessman Nikhil Jain. After the Fatwa has been issued to Nusrat, she replied to the Muslim clerics saying that no one should comment on her choice of clothes as faith is beyond any attire days after the clerics criticized her for wearing mangalsutra and vermillion.

Nusrat who wears mangalsutra and vermillion after getting married took oath in the Lok Sabha and said that paying heed or reacting to comments made by hardliners of any religion only breeds hatred and violence and history bears testimony to that.

Nusrat in a twitter post said, “I represent inclusive India, which is beyond the barriers of caste, creed and religion. As much as I respect all religions I still remain a Muslim and none should comment on what I choose to ear. Faith is beyond attire.”

The clerics claimed that Nusrat disrespected Islam by marrying into the Jain religion and called her attire un-Islamic.

Mufti Asad Kasami of Jamia Shaikh-ul Hind claimed that Muslims can only marry Muslims and are only allowed to bend before Allah. He also said that Islam has no place for Vande Mataram, mangalsutra and vermillion.

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