No Public Money Utilized for Filmfare: ATDC

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The Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) Chairman Jayanta Malla Baruah on Monday said that the state government has not utilized public money nor the funds sanctioned for developmental schemes to organize the Filmfare Awards.

Addressing a press conference today, the ATDC Chairman said that the Times Group has spent Rs. 35 crores for the stars accommodation, communication, labour charge etc. That money has been spent on Assam, said Baruah.

The Chairman further stated that 80 stars from the Bollywood industry were present in the Filmfare Award and it will reach up to 200 crores of people and therefore, the Assam tourism has spent Rs. 23 crores for the development of the industry.

“Four stars have promoted Filmfare by promoting Assam. The Assam government has another deal to promote tourism and keeping aside the Filmfare, we will be able to discuss the developmental issue,” said Baruah.

The ATDC Chairman also thanked BJP, AGP and BPF for making the event a success. He also said that the Times Group has given a chance to Assam to present its culture by breaking some customs of 64 years.

Baruah also thanked Zubeen Garg for supporting the event saying that many artists’ have provoked the people to oppose the event but Zubeen has shown them the right path.

He also stated that the tickets worth Rs. 4crores have been sold and 50 % of the ticket prices have been provided to Chief Minister’s relief fund.

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