North Guwahati Boat Capsize: dead body recovered in Palashbari


Two people were killed and two were missing after a boat mishap near the Aswaklanta temple ghat in Guwahati on Wednesday.

Two persons Kamal Das and Rahul Ali were missing, while two students of Cotton College Ankita Barua and Dimpy Das died on the spot.

48 hours after the incident took place, one of the missing victims of the tragic boat mishap Rahul Ali’s dead body was found at Simina Futuri in Palashbari.

A massive search operation has been mounting after the boat capsize in Brahmaputra river jointly by SDRF, NDRF and Indian Army using even helicopter to search for any survivors or casualties of those missing in the boat tragedy. 20 have been rescued; three dead bodies have been recovered so far.

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