North Guwahati Waterfall Attracts People Amid Lockdown


If you are planning to travel to Shillong and Cherrapunji this summer to enjoy the sightseeing of waterfalls, then you can cancel your trip amid this coronavirus pandemic. You can now enjoy the view of a waterfall right here in North Guwahati.

A waterfall in North Guwahati has attracted the people amid the lockdown. The emergence of the waterfall in the Bor Bakat area of North Guwahati has brought happiness amongst the youth as they could find a place to enjoy the summer right in their town during this hour of crisis when the entire country is fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The waterfall near Dirgheshwari Devalaya in North Guwahati attracted the youths. If someone clicked a selfie, some others recorded a video and uploaded in the social media. Hundreds of people thronged to the site to have a view of the newly emergent waterfall which is the beauty of nature.

The waterfall has given a sigh of relief to the people in the nearby areas amid this lockdown to enjoy the natural beauty without moving to other places.

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