Now fish is just a click away


In this digital era where everything is just a click away, purchasing groceries as well have been brought to our fingertips. And now purchasing fish can be done right from your home at a click. Yes you read that right! Local fish can now be bought online.

On July 28 a group of youths came up with this idea of home delivery of fish in association with a farm named ‘Namaskar Guwahati’. This group sells fish such as Rohu (Rou), ‘Bhokua’, ‘Kawoi’ among other varieties.

Amid speculations rowing over formalin laced fish in imported fish had spread a fear among the public and had made them alert while buying ‘Chalani’ or imported fish. In order to provide people with local fish, this group of 10 youths have travelled to remote villages to arrange for fish to deliver to customers in Guwahati.

Primarily, this group had the intention of not making profit but to create a genuine market for local fish, likewise have started to flourish in their business.

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