Now voice your opinions on Assam Accord Clause 6


Now, any organisation or person can voice their opinion on the matter of implementation of the Assam Accord (AA) Clause 6.

These views can be expressed to the AA Clause 6 Implementation Committee on or before September 20 at the office situated in Khanapara’s Farm Gate.

Opinions can also be sent to the following emails:

The committee has sought opinion on the following matters:

  • Reservation of seats for the indigenous people in Parliament
  • Reservation of seats for the indigenous people in Legislative Assembly
  • Provision of reservation of seats for the indigenous in State-run corporations
  • Security of Assamese and other indigenous languages
  • Reservation in employment in any office of Assam
  • Security of land rights of the indigenous
  • Cultural, Social, Linguistic identity and extent of historic conservation
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