Manipur govt in trouble, NPF may withdraw


Naga People’s Federation (NPF) which is part of the BJP-led coalition government will be convening a “serious and crucial” meeting in Kohima on May 18 (Friday) to decide on whether to support or withdraw from Manipur’s coalition government.

State Unit President Awangbou Newmai today told Asomiya Pratidin over the phone that the matter rose because “BJP have not Respected the alliance spirit in many occasion” ever since the coalition government was formed back in 2016.

This is a bad news for BJP led Government as they are depending heavily on the 4 NPF members as their fate is hanging in the 60 member Manipur Assembly.  The BJP led block has 31 (BJP-21, NPF-4, NPP-4, LHP-1,Ind-1) while Congress led block has 29 ( Congress 28, AITC-1).

If NPF joins other side, Biren Singh government will fall and the development before May 23 results could be seen as a warning before the storm the North East is going to unleash in case NDA falls short of majority.

The primarily Naga-based political party had provided support to the N Biren Singh-led government with four MLAs in forming the government.

Newmai continued that “there have been instances where some senior leaders…did not take them as alliance partner.”

“As of now, we have not reached any conclusion and decision” but what irked the NPF the most is that “there is no respect for one another” mainly because they have less legislators supporting the government.

Interestingly, he said that certain prosition were to be given while forming the government but sadly “it was never kept.” He also maintained that despite being partners and considering the bigger parties as “elder brother” NPF does have principle and have been facing internal friction within the government.

He also accused that the government has “bluff them.”

“We have been patient for some two years” Newmai said adding the bigger party “looks down on smaller groups.”

Still, as representatives of the people, “we desire respect as given to other parties.”

NPF with its four MLAs is part of the N Biren Singh-led coalition government.

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