NRC Assam: False complaints galore


All round protests have erupted in lower Assam, many spontaneous and many organized as hundreds of thousands of false claims have been noticed in the NRC’s latest stage of verification.

A cornered All Assam Minority Students Union(AAMSU) is moving to Supreme court tomorrow seeking direction on the 2 lakh false objections filed on the last day of the process of objections.

Most of these complaints were or chested by various organisations and they were in bulk and the official complainant do not even know against whom the complaints have been done.

The needle of suspicion is on the AASU and ABSU who allegedly in bulk submitted the complaints with no intention of following it up.

Altogether 2 lakh families are now in move to all corner of Assam as the rules were relaxed so that from anywhere the complaints could be lodged against anyone of any place.

As a result there is huge movement of people only to find in the NRC seva Kebdras that complaints are bogus, false and in most cases there were no complainants present.

“This is done only with the aim of harassing people” said Azizur Rahman, adviser of the AAMSU.

The NRC official are also angry and harassed. ‘Not only we are completely hard pressed with limited resources but these complaints are completely bogus. In my centres there are complaints against people whose titles are Kalita” said one LRCR of Maligaon area of the Guwahati city.

“The whole attempt is to derail the NRC so that it is stopped and the business  and politics in the name of foreigner continues unabated” said Mr Shahjahan Talukdar of the Brahmaputra Valley Society, who have organized a protest at Guwahati city today.

Meanwhile the NRC authorities are tightlipped. Most of these false complaints were orchestrated by AASU who are now shying away from the national responsibilities of going to the NSF and arguing with documents in identifying the Bangladeshis.

“I just want to know from the AASU, whether they are interested to strike off the Bangladeshi or just to show the bloated figure of objections” said Mr Rahman.  He is now flying in to New Delhi for the Supreme Court case of tomorrow.

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