NRC creates confusion: Tarun Gogoi

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Instead of instilling confidence in people, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has created confusion and doubts, claims former chief minister of Assam and senior Congress leader Tarun Gogoi.

The three-time CM says that the NRC update alone cannot solve the problem of illegal immigrants. We sincerely want it to be a correct NRC where only genuine Indian citizens find a place and foreigners are excluded. But unfortunately, the NRC process creates doubts about the capabilities, efficiency and commitment of the authorities.

A large number of genuine and prominent Indian citizens have not found their names in the list. So there are definitely doubts about the process.

“In certain areas, particularly minority-dominated areas — be it religious or linguistic minorities — a vast majority’s names have been left out in the drafts. It creates doubt in their minds as to why, despite being Indian citizens, their names have been left out. We will always raise our voice for genuine citizens. We want NRC across the country.” : Gogoi added.

Instead of creating confidence, the draft list creates confusion, doubts and divisions among ourselves. It is nothing but part of BJP’s divisive policies.

Gogoi has condemned the alleged attack on a reporter of Pratidin Time while reporting on corruption in the Deuri Autonomous Council.

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