NRC denounced, BJP blows war bugle

The BJP has charted the political road map of Assam for next 2 years and decided to go solo, bank on non Assamese voters and divide mainstream Assamese.

It has decided to denounce the NRC, embrace controversial Citizenship bill and use upcoming Panchayat Poll as Quarter Final to check the ground reality

The BJP has decided to take on the popular anger against the Citizenship bill head on and check how much they are going to cede ground base in the upcoming Panchayat Poll where they will go in alone.

The Panchayat poll will take place before January 15 next year and that will give them a real feedback of the ground and based on the result they will take the corrective measures for the March-April general Election.

If in the General Election, BJP wins more than 7 seats in Assam, they will harden the Citizenship Act and if not they will keep a Assam centric Safeguard in the Act like the Clause 6 and clause 6A of the present Citizenship Act to woo Assam voters in the next Assembly election.

Moreover around the Panchayat poll, a Home Ministry driven peace treaty with the ULFA (Pro talk) group would occur, which is in the final stage of the negotiation, where indigenous people of Assam would be safeguarded.

Armed with this strategy, the BJP has charted the road map for Assam and they have got ready to drop AGP and go all alone. This was decided in the BJP state Executive at Majuli, concluded yesterday. The BJP feels that Bengali and non Assamese votes will give them around 25% of vote share and another 10%  beneficiary votes from the mainstream Assamese will sail them through in the Panchayat Poll.

This new calculation is a brave one and in the next few months it would be unleashed in great force upon Assam, dividing the Assamese and the pressure groups like AASU, KMSS, AJYCP will be taken on or sidelined or compromised. An weak unaligned AGP is good for the BJP as the anti BJP votes would be split between AGP and Congress.

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