NRC employees deprived of two months’ salaries


The publication of the NRC draft was no less than a battleground as it had to pass through various controversial political obstructions and debate. However,the draft was published on July 30 after 38 years and now people are eagerly waiting for the complete and final NRC.

This draft was not created out of the blue, but the hard work of thousands of employees in 2500  NSKs are involved in preparing the draft list.

It may be noted here that, Sonowal led Assam Government has paid not much of attention to these employees as they have been deprived of their two months salaries.

According to reports, the missing signature of Home Affairs Ministry’s Additional Chief Secretary has led to the occurrence of the anomaly.

With forms of Claims and Objections being made available for the public from August 20, the employees have protested, on Tuesday, demanding the payment of their pending dues.

Seemingly, without the quick action of the government this move of the employees is likely to create a chaotic situation at the NSKs.

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