NRC is the new bane for Assam, neighbours push back


The National Registrar of Citizen (NRC) has become a new bane for people of Assam who are residing in neghbouring states of North Eastern region. Thousands of people from Assam were driven out from all the six states of the region as pressure groups of each states have started taking law into their hand.

The people of Assam have been asked to produce the NRC by the pressure groups, who have set up check gates in all over the region. This is most prevalent in Arunchal Pradesh, Nagaland Meghalaya. It is little less in Manipur and Mizoram but even there are also pressure groups are getting activated.

Each of the incoming vehicles are stopped by the pressure groups at the gates, the passengers have been harassed . Moreover in Kohima, Itanagar and Shillong, the pressure groups have started  “cleansing” operations and people with no NRC have been pushed back to Assam border.

As a result thousands of people are streaming out of these states every day and there is a fear psychosis amongst the people, who are mostly migrated labour. Many of these people are actually resident those states and now coming into Assam without NRC.

Meanwhile there is tension between Assamese people and Naga pressure groups in Sibsagar and Golaghat areas, as the Naga pressures groups are not allowing any Assamese people to enter Nagaland without the NRC. This has created economic blockade in some areas in the Assam-Nagaland border.

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