NRC notice to Ex-Minister


Three time Assam Minister Gautam Roy and his 6 year old grandson was slapped notices as suspected foreign national as complaints were made against  him in the NRC’s objection process as he had rushed from New Delhi to attend the hearings.

Roy, his father Santosh Kumar Roy and son Rahul Roy were all members of the Assam Assembly for various period since 1972.

However Mr. Roy was little lucky as he would face a  serious complainant in Johirul Ali Chaudhury of Hailkandi during the hearing.  But in the cases of 2.4 lakh objections filed all over Assam, there were hardly any complainant who had gone during the hearing forcing NRC authorities to issue an instruction of ordering ex-parte order and not rescheduling the hearing of any complainant fail to arrive.

Meanwhile a renown social activist  Hareshwar Goswami addressed a news conference yesterday ,flanked by senior journalist and intellectuals of Assam on either side, alleging that AASU leaders had filed these  bogus complaints. In fact such a complainant was filed against Hareshwar Goswami.

The AASU is in back foot as serious  allegations were leveled against them for making mockery of the complaint process. The AASU however sought to wriggle out of the issue saying that they alone should not be blamed.

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