Objections raised against Debolal Gorlosa To Hoist National Flag


Former CEM of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Debojeet Thaosen and former MLA Samarjit Halflonger of Dima Hasao on Wednesday has asked the governor of Assam Jagdish Mukhi and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal to prohibit the current CEM Debolal Gorlosa from hoisting the national flag on Independence Day.

The CEM of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council has been charged with crimes related to murder of former CEM Purnendu Langthasa and EM Nindu Langthasa under section 196 of CrPC and also has been alleged to waging war against the government of India under section 121 IPC, the official letter to the governor stated.

The government of Assam has also declared Gorlosa as “anti-national”.

In the letter written by the former MLA Halflongbar, he mentioned the chargesheets filed against the present CEM Debolal Goroisa which includes

1. Killing of a driver and burning of six trucks in Umrangso area in Assam.

2. Killing of a personal security officer of a former elected representative of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council, Assam, whereby one of the Approver had given statement against Gorlosa.

3. Killing of security personnel in Umrangso area in Assam.

Killing of security personnel of NEEPCO in Umrangso area in Assam.

Gorolsa has been charged under section 121& 121 A IPC and he has also been accused by the former MLA for allegedly admitting that former CEM Lt. Purnendu Langthasa and former EM Lt. Nindu Langthasa were killed by now-disbanded DHD(J). Notably, Debolal Gorlosa was a former self-styled Deputy Commander-in-Chief of DHD (J). Additionally, he had also fled from Halflong District Jail with grenade explode after his arrest, the letter said.

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