Omar Farooq reveals details about Kamruz Zaman


After the arrest of Omar Farooq, a suspected linkman of banned terrorist outfit Hizbul Muzahideen, from Byrnihat; several new details have come to light.

According to reports,  Kamruz Zaman, a suspected member of banned militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen who was arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police from Kanpur on Thursday, took shelter at Farooq’s rented house for four days. On August, the former had come to Assam to recruit members into the outfit.

Zaman had allegedly gave Farooq, who knew about Zaman’s Jihadi connection, 30 thousand rupees.

Reportedly, Farooq had come to Byrnihat to work at a fair just days before Zaman’s arrival in Assam.

For a few days Farooq lived in a rented house in Ganeshpara, arranged by the fair’s owner Akhtar Hussain.

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