Once again PM Modi voices for CAB


Launching a fresh attack on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that his government has brought Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, but “Didi” opposed the decision taken by the BJP government.

Addressing an election rally in Cooch Behar districts on Sunday afternoon, PM Modi said, “Didi has betrayed the country by giving protection to the intruders. This chowkidar has brought NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill to drive out infiltrators. But Didi with her ‘Mahamilawati’ colleagues are trying to stop the government from pursuing them.”

“Our effort was to provide protection to the children of Mother India, who have faith in the country,” said Modi alleging Mamata of trying to mislead people through lies.

Notably, Mamata Banerjee in Dhubri said that the NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill are “two lollipops” of the BJP to fool the people of Assam.

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