Onion Price at Pamohi Comes Down to Rs. 55-60


At a time when the price of onion has touched skyrocket, the price has been reduced at the Pamohi wholesale vegetable market.

At Pamohi wholesale market, the price of onion which comes from West Bengal has been sold at Rs. 60 while that of the onion that comes from Nasik has been sold at Rs. 55 per kg.

It may be mentioned that, when the price of onion was hiked by Rs. 2 at the wholesale market, it was sold at Rs. 70-80 at the retail market.

Similarly, it is important to notice that if the price of onion was reduced by Rs. 2-5 at the wholesale market, then what will be the price of onion in the retail market.

However, the state government has fixed the rate of onion at Rs. 66 in the market and also launched a toll-free number to complain against any trader if they charge exorbitant price of onion. But unfortunately, the toll-free number does not work and whenever customers try to dial the number, it says unreachable.

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