Onion vs Chicken: Momo Sellers in Dilemma!

Momo – a food that is as cute as the name sounds! We’re talking dumplings, stuffed with delicious meat like chicken, pork, and onion filling.

But, the unusual surge in the price of onions has hit momo lovers hard, not just momo eaters but also momo sellers across the country, but a few states in particular which have it worse than others. Assam is one of those states where the price of onions has crossed the century mark in several areas.

Now, the momo sellers are in dilemma, what to put inside the momo wrap as broiler chicken (Cutting) are selling @200 to 210 per KG.

“Now, I am in a state of dilemma as what to put inside momo wrap as both chicken and onion charge same price. People don’t like if we don’t put onion, but we don’t have any other option than to fill the stuffing with chicken rather than onion”, said a local momo seller.

In Assam, while some shopkeepers are selling onions at Rs 130 per kg, others are selling them at Rs 110 to Rs 120 per kg. The rising onion prices have not only affected the family budget but have also made it worse for the restaurants, with some in Assam even removing the popular onion items from their Menus.

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