Outrage over G.U student’s death


Outraged students of Gauhati University (G.U) on Saturday protested in the premises following the death of a student due to unavailability of doctors and proper facilities at the university hospital.

Himaga Neog, a third semester B.Tech student, fainted in the hostel and was immediately taken to the G.U hospital by his friends. But on reaching the hospital and to their horror, did not find any doctors to attend the student.

Following this, the student was transferred to Mahendra Mohan Choudhury (MMC) by the hospital authorities but breathed his last on the way to MMC.

The student union of the university has alleged that apart from no doctors and nurses, the hospital also lacks all basic facilities required for even first aid treatment. The hospital has been in a dilapidated condition for a long time now with students opting for other medical services rather than their own hospital due to its condition.

The students also alleged that the ambulance which was carrying Neog to MMC, lacked proper oxygen equipments and did not have a nurse or doctor to provide first hand treatment to the student.

Following all these, the students took to the streets and reached the hospital. They sealed the hospital and put a lock on it from outside.

In 2016, then Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma assured all possible help to develop the hospital and turn it into state-of-art hospital, which was being neglected for years. But till date, no action has been taken to develop the hospital or appoint proper doctors and nurses.

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