Padma Hazarika-led Team Tranquilizes ‘Laden’


‘Laden’, the elephant which was terrorizing for years in Goalpara district and killed more than 50 people in five years, has been tranquilized on Monday.

Sootea MLA Padma Hazarika had launched an operation today morning with the help of a forest team to tranquilize the elephant.

Seven elephants have been brought to catch ‘Laden’. The elephants that have been brought are ‘Ramu’ from Biswanath, ‘Babu’ from Kaziranga, ‘Vikram’ from Pobitora, two elephants from Manas, one local elephant and one from outside the state.

However, it was said the elephant that has been tranquilized is yet to be identified whether it is Laden or not.

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