Padma Hazarika Starts Operation to Catch ‘Laden’

Sootea MLA Padma Hazarika has started its operation at Rangjuli in Goalpara district along with a forest team to grasp ‘Laden’, the elephant that is creating havoc and killed more than 50 people within five years.

Speaking to media, Padma Hazarika said that they have started the operation from today with a high-tech team to catch Laden. “We have started the operation and I am quite sure that we will be able to catch the elephant within a short period of time which is terrorizing in the area. Many experienced people have come and whatever policies are necessary to catch the elephant will be taken. We will either tranquilize or catch the elephant with the help of a rope, whichever way is possible,” said Hazarika.

Meanwhile, a forest official said that seven elephants have been brought to catch ‘Laden’. The elephants that have been brought are ‘Ramu’ from Biswanath, ‘Babu’ from Kaziranga, ‘Vikram’ from Pobitora, two elephants from Manas, one local elephant and one from outside the state. “Seven elephants have been brought as ‘Laden’ is a wild elephant and it will be necessary to catch him with the help of these seven elephants. MLA Padma Hazarika will take the lead in the operation and we are hopeful that we will be able to catch the elephant soon,” the official said.

It may be mentioned here that the elephant has been named ‘Laden’ by the locals. It has been learned that in the last five years, the elephant has allegedly killed 55 people. ‘Laden’ was thrown out of his herd around two years ago, after a likely quarrel with its most dominant male member.

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