Pak still counting dead bodies, rivals seeking proof : PM Modi in Orissa


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday sought vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party and hit out at the rival parties referring to the Balakot strike by the Indian Air Force last month and the recent success of Mission Shakti at a public rally in Odisha’s Koraput.

While addressing the rally, the prime minister touched upon the Balakot airstrikes issue, saying that while Pakistan is still counting bodies, the opposition is still asking for proof.PM Modi added “When India takes action against terrorists, enters their home and kills them then some here ask for proof.”
The prime minister also referred to the Mission Shakti, under which the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) shot down a satellite in space on Wednesday, entering a select group of nations having such a capability.

“Those that are criticising the anti-satellite technology will be given a befitting reply in the elections,” he claimed, urging people to vote for a government that can take concrete decisions, not the one that only raises slogans.

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