Pakistan: Militants attack Stock Exchange in Karachi, 4 gunmen killed


Four armed men attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on Monday morning.

Later in the day, the police informed, security forces had killed the four gunmen.

It has been reported by Al Jazeera, the attackers had hand grenades with them. Two of them were killed at the gate, and two were killed further inside the building complex.

However, a policeman and two civilians died in the attack and seven others have been injured. Further details on the count of casualties are awaited.

The Baloch Liberation Army armed group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) tweeted, “The situation is still unfolding”, adding, “There was an attack on the PSX compound earlier today. The situation is still unfolding and management, with the help of security forces, is managing the security and controlling the situation” .

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