Pakistan’s spy agency plans to humiliate India during Independence Day functions in London


At a time when the new Prime Minister-to-be of Pakistan, Imran Khan is propagating new friendship ties with India, the country’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), is sketching elaborate plans to humiliate India during the 71st Independence Day functions in London.

Reportedly, ISI is using discredited Khalistani groups to up its game and backing them to organise pro-Khalistan rally in London.

According to sources, a team from Pakistan, headed by Abas Rana is visiting Surrey and meeting pro-Khalistani groups to hold anti-India protests and raise Khalistan issue on the occasion.

Sikhs for Justice, a pro-Khalistan group, held a joint press conference with Kashmiri separatists in London revealing its plan for August 12. Pakistan-backed Kashmiri separatists in London are supporting the pro-Khalistani Sikhs for their so-called Referendum2020 for Khalistan.

UK based known Khalistani activist Paramjeet Singh Pamma, whom India tried to extradite from Portugal, hosted a Press Conference of World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Kashmir Patriotic Forum International and Overseas Pakistani Welfare Organisation.

“On August 12, we will unveil the case for Sikhs right to self determination as guaranteed in UN Charter and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, said Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor of Sikhs for Justice.

In promotion of its campaign for non-binding Referendum 2020, Sikhs for Justice will hold “London Deceleration” on August 12 at Trafalgar Square.

Reportedly, on the same day at Trafalgar Square, a large number of Indians living in UK will gather to celebrate 71th years of India’s Independence.



Featured Image: ANI

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