Pakore Wala surrenders Rs 60 lakh to Income Tax officials


On Thursday morning, a Pakore Wala found a bunch of Income Tax officials lining up at his shop. The Pakore Wala runs a couple of modest desi snacks shops in Punjab’s Ludhiana.

The Income Tax officials raided the Pakore shop in Ludhiana on the basis of some specific inputs.

After the Income Tax Department’s a day-long survey at two ‘Panna Singh Pakore Wala’ outlets in Punjab’s Ludhiana, its Pakore Wala owner surrendered Rs 60 lakh to the authorities.

Officers were reportedly stationed at the cash counters of the outlets to check daily sales.

It may be mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an interview that selling pakoras on the street also meant employment, that statement became a meme in social media after the incident came to light.

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