Panchayat Secretary booked for forging signature


Another huge scam has come to light at the Deumornoi Village Panchayat in Sipajhar on Thursday.

As per reports, Tularam Deka, the Secretary of the Panchayat withdrawal money around 25 lakhs by self cheque, making the fake signature of the Block Development Officer (BDO).

It has been alleged that earlier also, Deka doesn’t want to show the official documents to his colleges like President or any others.

After the scam had come to light the BDO had done a self-investigation, where he found lots of fraud, which was going on in the Panchayat. The BDO had seized all the documents of the Secretary and found his fraud signature in a cheque.

Reportedly, Deka confessed his fraud and assured that he will refund the money to the authority in two months. However, now the locals of the region had claimed for the arrest of the Secretary and take action against him soon.

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