Panchayat violence rocks all parties in Assam


As the nomination process of the first phase of the Panchayat poll of Assam is coming to an end this evening, petty violence have erupted all over hitting almost all the political parties.

As the district level party leaders of all the three major political parties, AGP, BJP, Cong are busy giving final touches to the ticket distribution to about 25000 Panchayat representatives, there are violence all over.

If somewhere the offices were vandalized, in some places leaders vehicles were torched while in some places MPs were confined to hotel exhibiting tremendous interest in the Panchayat Poll.

With the Citizenship Amendment Bill turned this local election into a political waterloo for each of the three parties, the stakes are very high as the Lok Sabha poll is round the corner.

The BJP, which is facing the fire for the CAB, is trying to recover with the losing ground by capturing as many as Zilla Parishad members to show off their strength. There are 420 ZP members and the BJP is determined to take majority of them.

There are accusations that AGP and BJP are in secret alliance. Although there are nothing official about it but it is quite evident that party bosses of both AGP and BJP are trying hard to minimize the damage as much as possible so that anti BJP vote do not get consolidated to the Congress.

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