Panchayat votes for BJP-Congress, rejecting AGP-AIUDF


Voters of Panchayats of Assam have uncharacteristically risen above the local issues and voted in a pattern only seen in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. The pattern is distinct bipolar politics and that BJP and Congress completely rejecting both AGP and AIUDF.

The trend of results in all the four categories give ample evidence that voters have either chosen BJP or Congress. Only in some distinct pockets the AGP and AIUDF have scored. The worst sufferer is the AGP. As the party was dilly delaying on the alliance with the BJP, the people of Assam rejected them completely and their voting share further shrieked.

The Congress is happy that despite all odd and in front of the BJP juggernaut, they have done well holding onto roughly 28% seat as the BJP was expected to do further well as in the last Panchayat election, despite 13 years of anti incumbency the Congress got more than 60% seats.

However the BJP spokesman Subhash Dutta was confident and said that they would eventually touch the 60+ % percent of vote share with Zilla Parishad member touching nearly 300.

With almost 2/3d f votes are counted that is t highly unlikely as the BJP is reality is looking at a 230+ horizon in ZPC members.

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