Papon’s ‘Börgeet-Ghôxā’ finally arrives!

Papon is all set to launch his much-anticipated music album on Börgeet-Ghôxā (Part 1) at Khagen Mahanta Udyan in Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra, Guwahati on Thursday.

Recalling his old experiments with the literary and artistic contributions of supreme Vaishnava Saint, Shrimäntä Xänkärdev (Sankardev), Papon has come up with something new to flourish and sustain his legacy.

“It took us over two years of research and record them in a purely traditional manner and forms as a hope to archive the original form,” Papon said.

“Since borgeets have been passed on orally generations after generations, these songs have not been documented properly. There is a fear of it being getting lost one day,” he added.

In his official Twitter handle, he shared: Please come by 3:30pm to Khagen Mahanta Udyan at Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra, Guwahati on 7th of November for a small event to launch a music album on Börgeet-Ghôxā I was working on for couple of years. Please come & bless us.

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