Paresh Barua injured, no confirmation of death


ULFA Commander in Chief Paresh Barua had a major accident almost three weeks back and he broke his ribs and toe, this has been independently confirmed but the report of his demise is yet to be confirmed.

The Intelligence agencies very cleverly released the information through Subir Bhaumik run web site “”, an old hand of North East Insurgency and that has been rolled over and over again by various media outlets and digital media platform as well as social media.

Old hands like Anup Chetia confirmed that he had a talk with Paresh Barua after the recovery from the accident and got a miss call from him four days back but had no information about his demise.

In the past several such rumours had taken over the media and each time, Paresh Barua had to call up several media house to quell the rumour. These intentional rumour was generally orchestrated by IB to find out whereabouts of ULFA Commander in Chief after they lose human intelligence on him.

So far Paresh Barua has not called up and if he does not it in next 48 hours, then it would take a different turn.

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