“Pariksha Pe Charcha”: PM Modi Urges Student to be Confident of Exam Preparation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday encouraged a #withoutfilter discussion with thousands of schoolchildren at his annual “Pariksha Pe Charcha” event to address questions on exam stress at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

Grinning at his young audience, Modi said, “Let’s start talking then, as they say, #WithoutFilter. We’ll talk like friends, mistakes can happen. And, in my case, if I make a mistake the friends in the media will love it too….”

“I thought I should host this programme, take some work off your parents’ hands – after all I am part of your family too right?”

The very first question was asked by a student who confessed that the thought of board exams was a “mood-off” for her and to this, Modi replied as to how the scientists at ISRO overcame their dismay after the failure to land Chandrayaaan’s lander on the moon last year.

He also urges the students to be confident about their own preparation. He said, “Do not enter the exam hall with any sort of pressure. Do not worry about what the others are doing. Have faith in yourself and focus on what you have prepared.”

Motivating the students, Modi said, “The way ahead lies in pursuing, not pressurizing children. Inspire children to do things that bring out their inner potential.”

“We can learn lessons of success even in our failure. We cannot let demotivation defeat us,” he said.

The Prime Minister while beginning the discussion said interacting with children through this annual event “touched his heart the most”.

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