People of Assam in a life and death situation


In a bid to allow Hindu Bangladeshis in the state of Assam, the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, who is on a three-day visit to Assam, has set foot in Guwahati on Sunday for the hearing on the Bill.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill was proposed in the Parliament, which was opposed by many organisations of the state. This opposition led to the formation of Joint parliamentary committee (JPC). The purpose of the JPC visit to Guwahati and Silchar is to have a hearing on the issue relating to the Bill.

The allocation of one day-long hearing for 30 districts as compared to two days for a combined state hearing has led to an outburst across the state. This hearing is significant for Assam as it would decide the fate of the state.

Organisations like KMSS and AJYCP among others have brought forward memorandum opposing the aforementioned Bill. As per recent developments, KMSS alone has brought forward 2,000 memorandums. Members belonging to the Film fraternity as well have come forward in opposition of the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

The Assam accord was signed after a six year long anti foreigners’ movement in 1979-1985 after much bloodshed. The people of Assam are of the view that giving citizenship rights to Hindus from Bangladesh would unfavorably affect the culture, language and tradition of the state. The cut-off date for the detection and deportation of foreigners as per the Assam accord is March 25, 1971 irrespective of any religious biasness.

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