Pervert beaten up for flashing genital in bus

Women have been making headlines lately for standing up to sexual assault – and this time a of women beat up a man for allegedly flashing his genitals in a bus in Guwahati.

According to reports, the incident took place on a bus in Guwahati  at around 1:20 pm near Bhangagarh Flyover  where the man  identified as 35-year-old Abdul Ali of Kalaigaon, was confronted by a woman initially after she noticed him allegedly showing his genitals.

The women caught the man “red-handed” flashing his genital on the running bus which was on its way to Fancy Bazar.

An FIR has been lodged at the Paltan Bazar Police Station.

“It was around 1:20 pm when we noticed this man unzipped his pants and showing his penis to us and rubbing it. He was masturbating by looking at us,” the FIR stated.


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