Petition Filed Apprehending Delay In Trial For Murders Of Former NC Hills CEM, EM


An instant petition had been filed apprehending the delay in the completion of a trial pertaining to the current CEM of North Cachar Hills Debolal Gorlosa.

The current CEM of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council Gorlosa has been charged with crimes related to the murders of former CEM Purnendu Langthasa and EM Nindu Langthasa under section 196 of CrPC and also has been alleged to waging war against the government of India under section 121 IPC.

However, a charge sheet in this connection has only been filed on June 25 this year. The petitioner now is apprehensive that the trial will further be delayed although the issue notice is returnable within six weeks.

The case against which the petition has been filed is GR Case No. 77/2008 arising out of Dihangi PS Case No. 02/2008 under Sections 120(B)/121/121 (A)/302/392 read with Section 27 Arms Act.

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