Petrol-diesel prices rise again


Prices of petrol-diesel showed a fresh rise on Sunday. The rise in prices provides no respite to consumers from the continuous increase other than only adding to the woes.

Today’s price of petrol in Guwahati is 85.05 rupees per litre and the price of diesel is 77.35 rupees per litre, which is seen as petrol prices have soared up by 17 paise and diesel by 11 paise.

It may be noted that this issue is not only being faced by the people of Assam, but different parts of the country are complaining about fuel price rises.

The prices of Petrol and Diesel in Delhi are Rs 82.61, an increase of 12 paise per litre and Rs 73.97 per litre, an increase of 10 paise, respectively.

In Mumbai, Petrol and Diesel prices Rs 89.97 per litre Rs 78.53 per litre, respectively.

Fuel prices have been witnessing a steep rise since the past few weeks. With the blame game between opposition and the ruling still on, the union government has stated that global crude oil prices and other international factors are causing a hike in prices of petroleum products.

Meanwhile, Department of Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg on Friday said that discussions are taking place with the United States regarding reduction of oil imports from Iran.

“We are in talks with the USA and they told us to reduce the import from Iran significantly. We have done that to some extent. As clarity in the situation emerges, steps will be taken accordingly by the government by November 4,” he said.

Garg also said that if needed, discussions will be held on trading of oil in terms of the Indian Rupee.

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