Petrol Price In Mumbai Reaches Rs 107.54 Per Litre

Petrol price in Mumbai has recorded a new high at Rs 107.54 after the rates were hiked yet again.

Diesel price meanwhile is at Rs 97.45 per litre

While petrol prices were hiked by up to 35 paise, diesel prices were increased by 15 paise.

Meanwhile in Delhi, the retail price of both petrol and diesel stood at Rs 101.54 per litre and Rs 89.87 per litre respectively.

In Kolkata, the price of petrol stood at Rs 107.74 per litre and Rs 93.02 per litre for diesel.

The prices of fuel have been on a continuous rise across the country. They differ from state to state depending on value-added tax.

In view of the same, Congress has launched a 10-day national protest against the inflation on July 7.

Several political figures have protested against the rising fuel prices.

Leaders including BSP chief Mayawati, Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee have raised concerns over the rising fuel prices and demanded its reduction.

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