PM Modi interacts With Ouphulia Villagers


Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is currently on the conversation spree with people of villages across the country talked to a section  of a people from Dibrugarh’s Ouphulia village on Saturday through video conference.

Tingkhong’s Ouphulia has been announced as one of the cleanest villages of India . The villagers talked to PM Modi and shared their views.

Narendra Modi also interacted with the school students and humbly replied to their questions.

The villagers cleaned their village under the campaigns Green Ouphulia , Clean Ouphulia.  Plants have been planted of the side of roads and dustbins have been installed all over the village to keep it clean.

The youths of the  villagers clean the entire village together on Sundays.

It is to be mentioned that Narendra Modi addressed the nation today through NARENDRA MODI APP and launched a campaign called ‘Swachhta hi seva’ today.The Prime Minister appealed to the citizens to dedicate themselves towards achieving the aim of a clean country starting today.

“From today till Gandhi Jayanti, let us re-dedicate ourselves towards fulfilling Bapu’s dream of Clean India. ‘Swacch Bharat Mission’ that began four years ago has reached an important stage today, where we can proudly say that people from all sections have joined us in the mission,” the Prime Minister added.



(Featured image:India TV)

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