PM Modi Slams Congress in Parliament


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday begins his speech in the Lok Sabha with a retort to the opposition that Mahatma Gandhi may be a trailer for the Congress but is a lifeline for the NDA government. While responding to questions about the haste in bringing new laws, Modi said that the opposition was used to a certain way….if that way had continued, then Article 370 would not have been removed, triple talaq would not have been removed, Ram Mandir would not have become a reality.

Addressing the Parliament, Modi said that his government has a purpose in moving at a fast pace. He said, “After 70 years of independence, the country would have run the way it has for 70 years, then Article 370 would have never been revoked.”

Slamming the opposition, Modi said, if we followed your direction, Triple Talaq would not have been removed, if the country would have followed your thinking, then the Ram Mandir would not have become a reality, the Kartarpur Corridor would not have been a reality.

Reiterating about Northeast, Modi said, “North-East India has waited for decades for political stability and development. Our government does not scale NE India by political benefit. We have brought NE India closer to Delhi. Many deal and agreements were signed but nothing was done about the Bodo issue. The agreement arrived upon by our government is that all groups have come together. Groups have given up arms. There is no issue untouched in the Bodo problem.”

Speaking about farmers and Indian agriculture, Modi said, “President of India has talked about agriculture and farmer welfare in detail. The issue of higher Minimum Support Price (MSP) was pending for decades. We had the privilege of solving this long-standing demand. The same applies to crop insurance and irrigation related schemes.”

Talking about the economy of the country, the prime minister said, “We have maintained the fiscal deficit, the macroeconomy is stable too. FDI and revenue collection under GST has been on the rise. Our focus is on infrastructure development and job creation.”

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