Police Commissioner sets more light on Guwahati blast


Putting more light into the Guwahat blast incident, Guwahati Commissioner of Police on Saturday said that the Union Home Ministry has directed the Assam police to arrest each and everyone involved in the grenade blast incident that rocked Guwahati on Wednesday evening.

Addressing a press conference in Guwahati, the Guwahati Commissioner of Police Deepak Kumar said, “We are investigating the matter thoroughly and some intellectuals of the State might also get arrested in connection with the incident.”

Deepak Kumar further said that Amrit Pallab Goswami was also involved in the blast. “He (Amrit) joined the ULFA as bomb expert,” said Kumar adding, “He also helped the entire team to execute their plan.”

On the other hand, the Commissioner of Police said that Bijoy Asom was the prime accused of the blast incident. Bijoy along with Jahnabi visited the blast site several times before executing the plan. On the day of explosion, Bijoy Asom hurled the grenade on the spot. The Commissioner of Police also said that Jahnabi had picked Bijoy in her scooty after the explosion. Later Bijoy was dropped at Khanapara from Ganeshguri by the one identified as Chinmoy.

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