Politics of Assam changing after Modi visit


Politics of Assam is gong to change forever in the next few days as Prime Minister Narendra Modi today at Silchar announced that Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) would be passed next week changing the contour lines of Assam politics.

The AGP is now bound to come out of the alliance, as the AASU and almost all the civil society organisations of the Brahmaputra valley are up against the Bill while in Barak valley it was welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement.

The BJP moved in a coordinated way. It moved JPC, which would hand over the report later today and before that announced a committee for the implementation of the Clause VI of the Assam Accord and in one swoop now pressing the CAB for the bill next Monday.

Meanwhile BJP leader Ram Madhab tweeted

The BJP is hoping that a few individuals orchestrated ongoing anger and frustration in the Brahmaputra valley shall not run for long as the festive session was on and they have the ground level support and the protest.

“We are far more strong and grounded. It is better AGP should stick to us. Temporarily they may go out but should come back around parliamentary election” said a BJP senior leader.

The AGP is dilly-dallying, unsure what would be the fate outside the Government. But a section of the AGP led by Prafulla Kumar Mahanta is trying to topple the present party leadership.

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