Pollution Brings Threat to Bharalu River


The Bharalu River has taken a dangerous turn as the river is under immense pollution. Although crores of rupees have been sanctioned to clean the river, but still it gets polluted as the river is seen dumped with waste materials.

The government has released a fund of Rs. 2crores 44lakhs 73thousand to GMC to clean the river while in 2014-15, Rs. 750 crores have been sanctioned to control artificial flood in the city but still the city gets clogged during monsoon in a short spell of rain as the drains and rivers gets blocked due to the waste materials.

Moreover, the government has also released 2crores 55 lakhs rupees to Water Resource department, PWD, Guwahati Municipal Corporation and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority in 2006-07, in 2007-08, the government released an amount of Rs. 5crores 63 lakhs while in 2008-09, the government released 6crores for cleaning of Bharalu River.

Although the government released funds every year, the concerned department neglected to clean the River for which it gets polluted. It may also be mentioned that the River gets polluted with the waste material as the GMC throws the garbage collected from house to house in the River.   

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