Posters Of French Prez Pasted On Mumbai Roads


In an unprecedented move, pictures of France President Emmanuel Macron were pasted and trampled upon Muhammad Ali road in South Mumbai on Thursday. This came just a day after PM Modi extended solidarity to France and condemned the recent attacks.

Soon after a video clip of the posters went viral, Mumbai police deployed several teams to remove the posters from the roads.

According to Mumbai police spokesperson S Chaitanya, the posters have now been removed however no case has been registered so far.

Macron is facing a barrage of criticism from the Muslim community over his defence of the right to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. On October 16, a French schoolteacher was beheaded for allegedly showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in his class. The suspect, a Chechen-origin teen, was shot by the French police.

During a mourning ceremony in France, Macron asserted that France “will not give up cartoons” and claimed that the teacher was slain for representing secular and democratic values.

On Thursday (Oct 29), a Tunisian man armed with a knife and allegedly carrying a copy of the Quran attacked worshippers in a French church in the in Mediterranean city of Nice and killed three. Out of the three victims was a woman who was beheaded in a gruesome manner.

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