Prashant Kishor Challenges Amit Shah over CAA

Janata Dal (United) vice president Prashant Kishor challenged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to try and implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

In a Tweet on Wednesday morning, Kishor said, “Being dismissive of citizens’ dissent couldn’t be the sign of strength of any Govt. @amitshahJi, if you don’t care for those protesting against #CAA_NRC, why don’t you go ahead and try implementing the CAA & NRC in the chronology that you so audaciously announced to the nation!”

Kishor’s tweet comes a day after Amit Shah, at a rally in Lucknow reiterated that CAA won’t be revoked. Shah said, “We are not afraid of protests. In fact, we were born amid protests, raised amid protests. We had said the same thing in Opposition and we are now saying the same thing while in power” and called for a public debate on the legislation.

The CAA fast-tracks citizenship for non-Muslim refugees from three neighbouring nations who entered India before 2015.

The protests against the citizenship act are continuing across the country, and it has also been legally challenged in the Supreme Court by several petitioners which will be heard today. Along with Assam, the southern state and Punjab have also moved resolutions against CAA.

Kishor has led the opposition to the amended citizenship law and NRC within his own party.

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